No expenses incurred for course fees.

Staff dormitory available.

Work in Japan
as a certified care worker.


Only for international students living in Japan are eligible.

In order to work at Misatokai for 3 to 6 months, you need a status of residence such as studying abroad in Japan.
Therefore, the Misato-kai support system is available only to international students living in Japan.

Would you like to become a certified care worker
and live in Japan with your family?

Do you love Japan? Do you want to spend your life here?
Do you eventually want to bring your family (spouse) here?
Misatokai can make your dream come true!
If you obtain qualification to become a care worker, you will gain residence status in Japan.
On top of that, while you are studying at vocational school to obtain your qualification, you can live in a dormitory and hold a part-time job at Misatokai, so you don't have to worry about paying your way through.
We want you to spend your days in a suitable learning environment and live a fulfilling life.

Won't you join us?

The Path to Becoming a Certified Care Worker

Misatokai will support you every step along the way until you obtain your qualification.

After graduating from high school, you will enroll in vocational school, and obtain your qualification for becoming a certified care worker. Here, we will introduce details regarding tuition, Misatokai's support system, and more.

Staff Dormitory

If you pass Misatokai's Care Worker Training System Screening Exam, you will be eligible to use the Misatokai Staff Dormitory owned by Misatokai.

Single room

One room (10 m²), modular bathroom (bathtub, washbasin, and toilet), Mini-kitchen, water-heating equipment, washing machine installation space

month per person 10,500 yen
Single room Single room

Double room

13 m², bathroom, washroom, rest room, kitchen, cafeteria, water-heating equipment, washing machine installation space, closet

month per person 6,000 yen
month for two people 12,000 yen
Double room Double room

Triple room

16.5 m², bathroom, washroom, rest room, kitchen, water-heating equipment, washing machine installation space, closet

month per person 4,000 yen
month for three people 12,000 yen
Triple room Triple room


Type of occupation Welfare support staff, care staff
Job description Support tasks for facility residents (mentally-handicapped people and the elderly) and care assistance tasks
Working hours Please consult with us about working hours.
Salary 930 yen/hour (*Not to exceed 28 hours per week)
Location Misato, Misato Keiai Home, etc.
Misatokai's facilities within the Komoda area

Staff Interview

Work toward care worker certification with heartfelt support

NGUYEN VAN LUAN / Hanoi born in Vietnam

Why I chose Misatokai

I chose Misatokai because I can work there while attending classes at Kanna Welfare College to obtain my care worker qualification. Misatokai pays for the enrollment fee as well as for tuition the first year. You can afford to pay all living expenses if you live in the staff dormitory and work 28 hours a week.

Current living environment

I attend classes at Kanna Welfare College on weekdays, and work part-time at Misato Keiai Home on weekends, mainly doing cleaning tasks. I've come to understand the situations of the residents here, so I plan to go on to provide caregiving tasks. I want to utilize the knowledge I gained while studying and on the job to provide care services and make the residents happy.

Future goals

I plan to graduate in March 2020 and obtain my care worker qualification. I want to use that to gain residency status here in Japan, and bring my wife and child who are now living in Hanoi, Vietnam to come live with me in Japan. Starting next April, I want to work as an official staff member at Misatokai and become a trainer for foreign staff members.


Misatokai's strong points

What I think is great about Misatokai is that they really take care of their staff members, and create a great learning environment for them. There were no other organizations that would take in a foreigner like me and pay for my school fees and offer me residence, so that I can obtain my qualification. Even when I look at the other staff members around me, I think the support system for obtaining qualification is really wonderful.

Company Overview

Corporate name Social Welfare Corporation Misatokai
Established 1973
Number of employees 300
Board chairman Nobutoshi Tsukagoshi

Disability Welfare Services

Support facilities for disabled persons
Misato, You-I House Ogano, Misano-no-Mori
Disability welfare service offices
Work Misato, Cosmos-no-Sato
Group home for mentally-disabled persons
Cosmos Heights
Group home for persons with mental disorders
Group Home Honjo Kashiwa Heights
Livelihood support center for disabled persons
Livelihood Support Center for Disabled Persons Misato
Employment and livelihood support center for disabled persons

Nursing Care Welfare Services

Intensive-care elderly home
Misato Keiai Home
Day nursing facilities for the elderly
Day Service Center "Keiai"
Home-visit care facility
Helper Station "Keiai"
In-home care support facility
In-Home Care Support Center "Keiai"


Social Welfare Corporation Misatokai

747-1 Komoda, Misato-machi, Kodama-gun, Saitama Prefecture, 367-0101

Phone: 0120-310-813

Kanna Welfare College

2779-5 Niisato, Kamikawa-machi, Kodama-gun, Saitama Prefecture, 367-0232

Phone: 0495-74-1294

Social Welfare Corporation Misatokai Staff Dormitory

889-3 Komoda, Misato-machi, Kodama-gun, Saitama Prefecture, 367-0101


* required